Vlone Authenticity

We are creating this post to bring awareness to Vlone enthusiast and wider audience regarding the the different batch of Vlone available in the markets.

Recently in Grailed, we saw few buyers were disappointed with their purchase of Vlone. Despite our explanations on the different washtag, they decided the item was not authentic and had left us negative reviews. 



Stock Origin:

USA - Stocks from the US are pretty straightforward, they release in Vlone official webstore and distribute certain models during pop-up as limited release.

China - This is the complicated part which probably most people outside Asia would not know of, which we would like to spend some time explaining below. We know you guys gonna say that 'Made in China' are mostly fakes, hence we had complied a couple of links to prove legitimacy of both the origin and our supplies.



https://www.instagram.com/innersect_official/?hl=en                          (CHECK THE brands that participated in 2018 event)
https://www.highsnobiety.com/p/innersect-2018-street-style/              (Highsnob even did review of the event)
https://www.facebook.com/innersect.official/                                        (CHECK THE VIDEOS OF THE EVENT)

- Brand owned by famous celebrity Edison Chen
- Vlone did dropped a batch of stocks manufactured in China for the event which most of the markets outside Asia doesn't know of, and it was definitely not released via Vlone official website
- Sample photos of the Tags and Labels
Legit Checks through Vlone Facebook Groups
- If you're still pessimistic and unsure, it is always good to have an item legit check'd before buying.
- One group to recommend is the Vlone Talk Worldwide Facebook group per below...



Other Similar Legit Checks for China's Vlone:




Vlone Talk Worldwide Group:



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