Balenciaga Authenticity

Following below products under the respective batch codes, we would like to take this opportunity to clarify the falsehood of the product being fake.

#Balenciaga Lock Tee – 570803TEV481000

#Balenciaga Political Campaign Tee – 508203TAV441000


Background and Supporting Evidences:

  1. Product is direct from YooX as seen in the trade invoice.
    • For those in the same business, it’s known that YooX handles a big portion of slow-moving and obsolete inventory for YNAP. Specifically, on the portion of outlet and obsolete inventory (off-season, slightly defective, lower quality products), they are legitimate from the brand itself but of different grade from boutique stores. In simple terms, ‘outlet grade’ products.
    • It appears if you check YooX’s on Google as well, you can easily find countless feedback of the store distributing fake, damaged or poor condition product. Consumers are enticed by the heavily discounted price. However, no one know if the product is of boutique or outlet grade until the they received and verified.
    • So, is outlet grade fake? If that’s the case, why are outlet malls always crowded and people even flying over to buy branded products especially bags & wallets if they are fake. Some brands do mass production of different grade ‘outlet grade’ just for distribution in outlet stores.


  1. Trade invoice and document from Balenciaga.
    • Invoice from the brand
    • Document from Balenciaga to justify for the defect on tee, and assurance of the tee as original and saleable worldwide



  1. The photos of the products along with the documents and trade invoices were sent and verified by Balenciaga APAC team, response below:
  • “Upon checking, the items on the email are existing products sold at Balenciaga stores. Please rest assured that we guarantee the authenticity of all products purchased through (brand) boutiques, our online store, or our authorized retail partners. However, we are unable to guarantee the items sold by third-party sellers.
  • If you received the email from the brand upon your request, this must be authentic.”


  1. The tees were also authenticated by an expert appointed under Italy Court of Justice after a long application process.
    • Trade documents were examined
    • Authentication on the tees were done which includes weighting and tissues examination




  • Final documents were signed in court by both the expert and the representing lawyers. Presented above is a European recognized certificate and the expert is authorized and appointed by the Italian court of justice to perform the authentication.


#All documents attached are provided by the respective parties, with personal and confidential information concealed.


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